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The Yule Ghoul

What would you do if your favorite holiday was supposed to be Halloween, but it was really Christmas? That question has been on Ghoul’s mind! In this standalone follow-up to Rest in Peace, the Ghoul, unable to keep his Christmas spirit to himself, decides to throw his first-ever haunted holiday party.


All monsters are invited! He dresses his tomb in the finest decorations, from Santa hats on the skulls to hanging bats on the tree. There may even be some mistletoe! Will his monster pals show up? It’s candy canes and candy brains for Ghoul and his friends this holiday season!

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Rest In Peace

After a long Halloween night, Ghoul’s monster friends start knocking on his tomb door. He reluctantly allows Dracula in. Then the Werewolf. Next the Mummy, followed by Frankenstein's Monster. Finally, when Blob tries to ooze his way through the door Ghoul loses his cool and kicks them all out into the darkness.

But was his decision too hasty? Only when his conscience – in the form of the Invisible Man – makes him realize that his friends simply wanted to spend more time together does he see the error of his ways.

Rest In Peace is the first in a series of picture books for children ages 3+ by Tyler Ham.

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Just A Ghoul In Love

Can a Ghoul find love on Valentine's day?

You will find out in 2024!!!!

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